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Violence Risk Assessment


Violence Risk Assessment Certification Course

July 12-13, 2021 | 10:00am-5:00pm ET Both Days

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Through the use of case studies and demonstration training videos, attendees in this course will learn how to conduct violence risk assessments. Violence risk assessments (VRAs) are non-clinical assessments designed to better understand an individual’s likelihood of engaging in violence or harm. Violence risk assessment is a broad term used to assess any potential violence or danger, regardless of the presence of a vague, conditional, or direct threat. These assessments are performed by either clinical or non-clinical staff, who have been trained to conduct such an assessment. The assessor uses techniques to examine risk by asking contextual questions about the nature of the threat and risk, using computer-aided models, and assessing overall risk and protective factors used to determine a level of potential dangerousness. 

Violence Risk Assessment Tools Taught in this Course:
SIVRA-35: The Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35) is a 35-item inventory that is used to assist Behavioral Intervention Team members and other trained staff in conducting a more thorough and research-based violence risk assessment. The SIVRA-35 is designed to assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the risk an individual who scores at Elevated or Critical on the NABITA Risk Rubric may pose to others.

NABITA Risk Rubric: The NABITA Risk Rubric is a general risk assessment tool that isto be used on all cases referred to the team. The score on the NABITA Risk Rubric helps determine the need for a violence risk assessment.

Looking Glass: Looking Glass is an easy to learn expert system designed to assess online and written content.

In this course, you will:
-Explore case studies and practical examples involving threats of harm to others. 
-Apply a structured interview and objective assessment tool to conduct an assessment related to the risk an individual poses for harm to others. 
-Assess online and written content for potential threatening or dangerous statements. 

Who should attend:
BIT/CARE team members
Case Managers
Counseling and clinical staff
Conduct Officers
Dean of Students/Principals
Disability and ADA/504 staff
Residential Life staff
Law enforcement, SRO
Human Resources


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